On Sunday, October 1 we will be welcoming our dear friends from the Rosedale Nursing Home as they join us for worship at 10:30am followed by a time of fellowship and refreshment. On October 1 we will also warmly welcome Rev. Robar and Catherine Mertens who has returned from her cross Canada journey!

On Thanksgiving Sunday, October 8 we will gather to give thanks to God for the many gifts that we ourselves have been given. Decorating will take place on Wednesday, October 4 at 7pm.

Details are still coming together for our Reformation Sunday worship. At this time, please stay tuned for information regarding our first joint worship service with our friends at St. John's in Mahone Bay.

The Worship Committee wishes to thank you for your warm embrace of our 3 month trial with the new red hymn book Evangelical Lutheran Worship. Our initial feedback has been warmly received.

Your worship committee has been busily preparing for the upcoming season after Pentecost - also known as the green season! On Father's day we will welcome Terry and Donna Naugler as they enhance our worship with joyful fiddle music, and stay tuned for information regarding a special summer campfire worship service!

Please note that there will be no service at Mt. Calvary on July 2, July 16 (Camp Sunday), and August 6.

Mt. Calvary offers traditional Lutheran Worship taken from the Lutheran Book of Worship and With One Voice. Worship works best when everyone gets involved: standing up, sitting down, perhaps kneeling, shaking hands, walking up to the front, eating, drinking, singing, speaking, praying, maybe even laughing and crying! Our style of worship is "Liturgical". Liturgy is a Greek word that means "the work of the people." Worship is vital for a Christian if you want to continue to be a Christian. Most of the time worship is something you have to do with other people. Why do you think that Jesus taught us to pray "our" Father? If you have questions about our worship service, please feel free to contact us.


“Come, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the Lord our Maker.”
Psalm 94:12  (HCSB)

The following is taken from the Eastern Synod Website from the Hearts for Ministry Devotions prepared by Pastor Jim Slack. 

What do you think??

A preacher once said that attending worship is to a Christian what filling up at a service station is to a driver.  It is not so much a retreat from the world, and all of its busyness, worry and need, but a short pause at a refuelling centre.  It is a time for us to check the map, gather our companions, top up the oil, receive a little more air in our tires, put fuel in the tank and then head back onto the road.

Does this preacher have it right?

What is the relationship between worship and discipleship?

Describe an experience in worship that nourished your soul.

Used with permission.

Mt. Calvary Worship Committee is comprised of Ernie Carver (Council Liason), Margaret Carver, Louise Veinot, Donna Penney, Esther Ramey and Mary Wagner.  This committee meets regularly to plan worship services for the church in the absence of our regular pastor, or enhancing any of our services.  Some services are lay led and some are led by guests or guest pastors.  Below is a picture of our last summer meeting......